Toenail Fungus

GenesisPlus Laser treatment for Toenail Fungus

It is our pleasure to inform you that Seymour Health Centre is offering a solution for toenail fungus with GenesisPlus, a new noninvasive laser system designed to deliver customized treatments of variety of cosmetic conditions.

As you probably know, there is a significant need for safe and effective solution to onychomycosis:


  • Onychomycosis poses both physical and emotional problems for those affected.
  • The cosmetic symptoms can cause an embarrassing social stigma that inhibits routine activities, such as wearing open toed shoes or taking off shoes in the company of others.
  • Topical treatments alone are generally unable to clear the nail because of insufficient nail plate penetration.
  • Oral drugs are associated with a number of adverse side effects, including gastrointestinal disorders, skin disorders, headaches and abnormal liver function.


Seymour Health Centre has a new approach to clearing nails that puts patients safety and comfort first. The laser passes through the nail and precisely targets the infected areas without causing damage to the nail or surrounding skin. Following the procedure, the nail becomes clearer and healthier-looking as it grows out.

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